Cement Blocks

Blocks offer a cost-effective price alternative to other brick prices. Industrial factories are mostly built with blocks. They are also excellent for boundary walls. They offer excellent strength at cost-effective pricing but still provide good heat insulation. To our builders, You can confidently use this block.

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Best Cement Building Blocks in Cape Town

At PRO Brick and Block we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality building blocks. The construction of a building is an expensive process that can be long and complex. There are various construction methods that often have a negative impact on the environment. The use of cement blocks enables the builder or contractor to address many issues that are common with the use of traditional building materials. Building with concrete blocks offer many benefits. Review some of the advantages when using a variety of cement blocks.

Reduced Construction Costs

The use of concrete blocks in construction will significantly reduce building costs in many ways, as it will limit the use of natural resources. This makes concrete a great choice for building a home, commercial offices and many other types of construction. The price of cement blocks is often cheaper than other construction materials.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A characteristic of buildings built with concrete blocks, is durability, due to their low maintenance requirements.

This offers a substantial advantage of sustainability not found in other types of structures. One of the main factors that can easily undermine many common type of building materials, is moisture. This is what causes rotting and rusting. Our building blocks are not affected by moisture. Concrete blocks are also not susceptible to the presence of mold and damage caused by insects. Another great benefit of concrete blocks is that it will continue to strengthen over time.


One of the most durable materials found on the planet is concrete. A home built with concrete blocks is a structure that is less likely to suffer damage when a fire or severe weather occurs. Cement blocks can easily be reinforced to protect it against high winds or earthquakes. Our building blocks are a practical choice as building material for residential homes and other buildings.

Energy Savings

A high amount of greenhouse gases produced by buildings occurs from the energy that is used for heating and cooling. Concrete block products can be insulated and will prevent any air from penetrating into the structure. Another benefit is constant temperatures, which will lower utility bills by as much as 25%.

Design Flexibility

The use of cement blocks provides for increased design flexibility. Cement blocks can be used to build any type of house and other types of structures. Certain design elements which are found in the home can also be made from concrete blocks. This includes arches, columns and a variety of other design elements.